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Welding Rotator

Welding Rotators are probably the most useful and versatile of positioning equipment for a Fabrication shop.

“AMIN” manufactures a wide range of machines which comprise basically the following:

Conventional Rotators
These comprise basically two sets of rollers which are adjustable either manually across the frames or through lead-screw and ratchet, when changing from one diameter to another.
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Self Aligning Rotators :
The Rollers of these machines automatically adjust themselves when loading to suit the diameter of vessel. Thus a large range of diameters can be accommodated without need for any adjustment whatsoever.

The “AMIN” CR. Type Conventional Rotators and the SAR type Self Aligning Rotators can be supplied for variable speed rotation.
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Traversing Rotators
The Traversing Rotator ranges are all bogie mounted to carry vessels of various lengths, and to allow for traversing, in addition to rotation at the work site.

Traversing Rotators are built to the highest standards with quality materials and components :

- Robust, all-steel construction.
- Inverter controlled traversing and rotation at welding speeds.
- All rollers of the Drive Section positively driven. Read More

Fit Up Rotators
The hydraulic fit-up rotators are usually used for fitting up of wind towers / cone pipe assembly welding because of the diameter difference between two sides of the pipe. We have to change the position of the pipe in one end to make the central axes line is in horizontal level, then, the pipe or tank can be rotate smoothly. Hydraulic adjust the center to center spacing of roller group, in accordance with the diameter variations of work piece.
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