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Self aligning rotators

Self aligning rotator

Capacity 3T to 500T

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Self Aligning Rotator construction such that the trunnion brackets which support the wheels automatically align themselves when changing from one diameter to another, no manual adjustment whatsoever is required.

Each section supports the vessel / Job on four points ensuring better traction, and on machines of 3 T to 500 T capacity and upwards 50 metric tonnes all four wheels of the drive section are positively driven. This four point suspension is an added advantage when on handling thin walled vessels.

The two top leading wheels of the drive section incorporate clutches which are loosened prior to loading the vessel and the top wheels can rotate freely when the vessel is loaded; thus regardless of weight if the vessel is lowered centrally between the frames, or firstly on to one wheel only, no damage can be sustained by the transmission.

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