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Capacity From 1T to 2000T

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Conventional Rotators are built in capacities from 1T to 2000 tonnes. The frame is of robust fabricated construction and is machinened on the top and underneath to ensure perfect alignment. Both the drive and the idler frames are provided with robust fabricated and machined wheel brackets which support the axles and bearings of the rollers.

According to capacity the Rotators are provided with all Polyurethane wheels with overload disc and all steel wheels.

The Rotator base fabrication, or chassis, is designed and fabricated to carry the weight of the vessel / Job and incorporates a contingency for shock loading. It is important that the design eliminates any distortion which can lead to misalignment of the rollers. The drive section comes under the biggest strain when the vessel /Job is being loaded. It is physically impossible for a crane operator to position the vessel so that it contacts with both sets of rollers at the same time. If the work-piece one roller before being supported on all the rollers, the first roller will receive a full shock load which puts a considerable force on to the drive. We have endeavored to incorporate a good overload margin to absorb this shock load.

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